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July 5, 2010 / multiplesclerosis1209

Holiday Weekend

Hubby and I woke up early Saturday morning, loaded up a couple of dogs and all of our wedding supplies and headed to the family property some 5 hours away.  We had plans to make a few stops along the way and make a day of it visiting some of hubby’s friends.  We were taking all of our plates, cups, utensils, etc for the wedding to be stored where the wedding is going to be held since we won’t have room for everything when we head down for the big event.  We left our house at 8am and arrived at my family’s house at 6pm.  It was a long day.  Fun, yes, but long.

My Rebif schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday.  This gives me weekends off from injections so if we do travel I don’t have to worry about it.  Well, Friday night I totally forgot to do my shot so I planned on taking my supplies (auto injector, Rebif syringe, alcohol swabs, cotton balls, syringe clipper…) with me and doing it Saturday night.  Ya, I totally forgot to bring it with me for Saturday.  Crap.   I didn’t let it ruin my weekend, my relapse had that covered.  I did my shot tonight and my biggest fear is a major headache in the morning.  When I was adjusting to the higher dose I got a couple massive headaches and since I’ve been off the juice for a few days I’m a little worried I will have to readjust.

We went to the property to do some work to prepare for the wedding.  Hubby woke up early and took the dogs for a run out in the fields and came back super sick with allergies.  He spent the next few hours in bed.  I’m pretty useless when it comes to physical labor anymore so I supervised the building of the new fire pit.   My mother made it clear that they were totally re-landscaping their yard (which is where the ceremony is going to be) JUST for my wedding and that she had a lot of work still to do.  She also told me that my dogs were not allowed in her yard because she didn’t want them ruining her flower beds….so we boycotted her yard which would mean that I wouldn’t hang out with them.  She loosened up a couple hours later so that I would hang out with her.  I should also mention that my father hates pit bulls and I just happen to have one.  He carried a gun in his waist all weekend.  No joke.  He kept a close eye on my pittie and his dog.  I think that’s why he didn’t want my dogs in his yard.  He seriously thinks that my dog is going to just try to kill his dog at any moment.  My pit bull is actually super mellow and lazy and laid around like a perfect ambassador of his breed.  He’s even a Certified Canine Good Citizen.  My dad eventually chilled out a little and even fed him some of his cheeseburger from the dinner table (!)….but I digress……

My parents are funny about my MS.  They ask questions here and there but I think it makes them uncomfortable to talk about it or they don’t know what to ask or how to ask it.  My dad asked how genetic it was but other than that, they didn’t bring it up.  When my nieces and nephews start wailing on me, they tell them to be gentle.  Since I’m getting married I know they are worried about me being able to have kids so I reassured everyone that we are going to have children and the MS will not interfere with pregnancy.  I had to take a nap Sunday afternoon for a couple hours so I think that helped them realize that I am weaker than ever.  I forget that people who aren’t around me or someone with MS don’t really get it.  Hubby and I are on the same wavelength about it but we live it 24-7.  People want to help but anyone who knows me knows that I am a stubborn girl who might bite their head off for offering.  People also don’t know what I can and cannot do.  I look normal but they know that I have a handicap.  I am learning to ask for help.  Hubby does so much that sometimes I just don’t want to ask him to do one more thing for me but he gets pissed if I don’t ask for help.  I am truly blessed to have a man in my life that is so patient and understanding and loving…..unconditionally.  He loves me and supports me no matter what and has faith that we will get by.  Today, on the drive home, my boss texted me to make sure and check my work email for a schedule change.  I texted back because I forgot how to get into my work email (we never use our work emails) and within five minutes he sent me the link.  I got into my email only to find that he has cut my hours down to 10 a week.  Five hours on Saturdays and five hours on Sundays.  I have told him multiple times that I can’t (won’t) work Sundays.  Scott has weekends off and I need a day with him so we can do things together.  Not just lay around naked and cuddle but do important house work that I can’t do by myself.  I emailed back to ask what was going on.  I didn’t receive an email back so I texted him (this is a guy who has his phone in his pocket all day).  I hadn’t heard from him in an hour so I texted again.  I didn’t hear from him for an hour so I texted his girlfriend and co-owner of the shop.  It’s 11:30pm and no one has responded to me.   I know that I have had to take time off work because of my MS and I know he doesn’t want to fire me because I could sue him so I think he is trying to force me to quit.  I was livid and Hubby just squeezed my hand and said everything would be ok…and I’m not going to quit until I get the satisfaction of telling him to fuck off right to his face.  My boss is the most selfish dick of a control freak you will ever meet.  We have had fights at work before because he tells me “When I tell you to do something you just do it” and no one speaks to me that way so I tell him off.  He’s five years older than me but treats me like imbecilic child.  I’ve been planning on quitting but not until I find another job.  He acted all nicey nice when I first started and then turned into a complete asshole.  I can be verbally abused for $11 and hour somewhere else thank you.

Well, this post is sort of all over the place but I needed to catch up since I didn’t post over the weekend……


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