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July 16, 2010 / multiplesclerosis1209

I Hate Bladder Infections

I woke up at 3am in a puddle of my own urine.  Awesome.  Thank God for puppy potty pads.  We have re-usable potty pads from when Hubby’s dog had puppies so I’ve had one on the bed under me where I sleep for a few weeks.  Last night it saved the memory foam pad.

My husband is beyond amazing.  He wants me to talk about what I am going through, he lets me cry, he holds me close and sincerely apologizes that I have to be going through all of this and when I wet the bed he gets up and helps me take care of it.  This relapse is killing me and he never runs out of hugs and patience….  If I were alone going through all of this I don’t know how I would be handling the constant struggle.   Thank you Hubby for being my rock and my best friend.  Thank you for picking up the slack financially and around the house.  Thank you for making me smile and laugh every single day.  Thank you for your support, love and understanding.  I promise it won’t always be this bad.


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