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August 12, 2010 / multiplesclerosis1209

Job Interview & I’m Feeling Better

This post is going to be  a little choppy…I started it a couple weeks ago then added to it a week later and am finally finishing it now.


I haven’t been posting much but I had a job interview two weeks ago and I think it went well.  Many friends and family suggested that I do not mention having MS in the interview process.  Even my Rehab Counselor said there is no need to mention it.  When I was asked if I  had any limitations I told them that I cannot go up on ladders.  They asked if I had Vertigo and I said, “No.  I have MS”.  They didn’t seem too phased by it and we went on to talk about what my limitations would be.  All I really need is about ten minutes of sitting every two hours and they seemed fine with this.  The owner of the company even said, “I could talk to you about MS on a personal level but we can wait on that”.  They said that they have had employees in the past with limitations and they were always able to accommodate.   They said that the limitations that I have would not be a problem.  I think it went very well and I should know soon if they decided to hire me.
I’ve been feeling like I’m coming out of my relapse but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  Saturday night we went to dinner with some friends and then we went bowling.  I was feeling good so of course I over did it. I bowled three games (poorly and with a new shuffle since my legs are wonky) and we didn’t get home until after midnight.  I had a great time but boy did I pay for it Sunday…I was exhausted. I’m still learning how to take care of myself and I’m trying to get better at letting people know what I need.  I should have only bowled maybe two games but I’m still stubborn about being “weak” in front of anyone other than Hubby.  It’s a slow process but I am learning.  Our friends asked several times how I was doing and they truly care but I just wasn’t ready to “give up”.  I know it’s not giving up but that’s how I feel.  I have always been athletic and being extra clumsy and uncoordinated is bothering me.

Hubby and I bought softball mitts so that we can play catch.  He’s been asking me for some time to play catch so we got new mitts and a ball.  When trying on gloves he tossed a ball to me and I totally missed it and it went rolling out into the store.  I was nervous about catching a stupid ball!  I felt embarrassed and clumsy.  We haven’t tried playing catch for real yet but I am nervous.  Not because I will embarrass myself but because I might not be physically capable of playing.  My reaction time is slow and my hand-eye coordination sucks.  Hopefully after I warm up a bit my brain and body and muscles will remember.

My next post will be about all of my fears about my upcoming wedding event.  I need to get some things off my chest so that maybe I stop having wedding nightmares.


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