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September 13, 2010 / multiplesclerosis1209

A Little Venting

This weekend Hubby worked his other job that his ex works at with him.  He got home and showed me a wedding card that all of his co workers signed and gave him for us.  It had a little bit of cash in it and it was a very sweet thing for them to do.  I was a little shocked to see that Ex signed it as well.  Shocked and irritated.  After we read all of the signatures, Hubby told me that a coworker told him that Ex organized the entire thing.  Apparently while we were away getting married, she made an announcement over the loud speaker at work that Hubby and I were getting married.  Everyone there knows the entire story of Hubby and Ex and it’s awkward enough for people to work with them and then for her to take up a collection for a wedding gift?  REALLY??  This chick is a real piece of work.  I sort of hate the fact that she even knows my name.  I scribbled out the words that she wrote on the card so that I don’t have to see her stupid name and I’m hoping that this will be the last thing that we have to hear from her for a long long long long time.  She still occasionally sends Hubby text messages but he never responds so she has backed off.

There.  I vented.  I’m done now.


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