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October 16, 2010 / multiplesclerosis1209

My New Job

My new job is working out better than expected.  I’m actually enjoying it.  So far I’m a little tired at the end of the week but no more tired than a normal person getting used to a new job.  The massage therapist on staff has decided that I need work done so she put me on her schedule every week for like six weeks!  AT NO CHARGE!!  I’m also getting free chiropractic adjustments!!!  I’m excited to see how massage and chiropractic affect my MS.  My last Chiropractor wanted to adjust me at least once a week but I couldn’t afford it.  Even with health insurance it’s a $40 copay and insurance will only pay for something like 24 visits (which I would blow through in no time).

My boss is being patient with me for now, since I’m still learning.  Luckily he is also a scatterbrained-forgetter who needs to write everything down so my post-y notes all over my desk are totally ok with him.  I haven’t made any major mistakes yet and have little “To Do” reminders all over the freaking place (and I still forget…..).  Hopefully as he learns about my disease he will continue to be patient with me.  So far the hardest part is talking on the phone while people are talking around me.  We have times in the day when it’s more quiet so I try to make all of my phone calls then.  When too much noise is going on, my brain totally shuts down.  I want the office to be successful but I just hope it never gets so busy that there are no quiet times for me.

All in all I think this job could work out beautifully for me.  I feel like I’m contributing to the family again and overall feel a little better about life.  It’s nice to get out of the house and get some social interactions with human beings since I was spending most of time with our dogs.


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