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November 23, 2010 / multiplesclerosis1209

Mini Vacation

Hubby and I had a three-day weekend mini vacation together last weekend.  It was lovely.  Well, it was lovely after we left and drove for 45 minutes before I realized that I had forgotten my Rebif and had to drive back to the house before we could really leave for vacation.  We got to escape from real life and just spend time together.  Each time I go out into the world I learn something about myself and my MS.  This trip I learned several things.  One thing is that rock hard beds make my legs more stiff in the mornings which made me want to get out bed faster which meant less cuddle time with Hubby.  Lately, I’ve also had less of a sex drive which has been super annoying (especially this weekend).  Here was our big chance to spend quality naked time together and I had very little interest in it.  I love my Hubby and he is the sexiest guy in the world to me but for some reason, I just don’t want to have sex.  I wish there was a button that I could turn on.  We are still Newly Weds and should be all ooey-gooey and mushy and ripping each other’s clothes off every chance we get.  It’s getting quite frustrating for me and I know Hubby’s getting frustrated too.

Another thing I learned is that I am used to taking a shower with the wall on my left as I am facing the shower head.  I didn’t realize how much I had learned to rely on that fact.  When I shower I have to always be touching a wall if my eyes are closed or I may fall over.  I turn towards the wall when I turn in and out of the water stream and often brace myself on the wall just to be safe.  Well, the shower at the hotel this weekend was backwards and I almost fell out of the shower.  I went to lean my elbow against the “wall” while rinsing my hair and almost went right through the shower curtain.  Also, turning the opposite direction with my eyes closed made me dizzy (apparently I’m not an ambi-turner).  Needless to say, taking a shower was quite a chore.  I already sort of hate taking showers (though I love being clean….) and now here I am, on vacation, having to concentrate on not falling out of the shower.  Showers are supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating but all I wanted to do was not shower until I got home.

Besides the lack of sex and the backwards shower, I had a great weekend.  We did some shopping and some sight seeing and some eating at restaurants and lots of relaxing in the hotel watching TV.  It was nice to just be with Hubby without having to worry about house work and dishes and laundry and dogs.


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  1. Sally / Jan 30 2011 10:11 pm

    This description of the shower rings home with me so well, I almost thought I might of wrote it! You have perfectly described how I take a shower! And yes, it’s a bear when someone moves the wall on us.

    As for the not wanting sex, that can be a problem if you let it. So don’t let it. For both of you, I have this message!

    DO NOT start to second guess each other over the lack of desire, it’s the disease, it is NOT you! That one issue of lack of desire can ruin a marriage, do not let it. Don’t let MS win that battle!

    There is far more to a marriage than sex. Don’t let it frustrate you and get you down. (I know, far easier said than done). And for God’s Sake, do NOT look elsewhere!

    And no, you do not have to approve this message for posting lol, I’m just a disgruntled wife who’s husband preferred cyber sex to real sex but that was going on long before the MS reared it’s ugly head. Did a real number on my self esteem I will say.

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