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February 2, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209

New Symptoms = New Lesions?

I’m off to my Neurologist today.  Fun.  I’m having some un-fun new symptoms and any time this happens my Neuro wants me to call and let her know.  I got a call back this morning and she wants to see me.

The last two days I have been having dizzy spells accompanied with nausea.  It’s worse if I move my eyes or head too fast or if I stare at the computer for too long (which is what I do all day).  For the last few days, my legs have felt extra heavy and weaker than normal.  For the last couple weeks I have felt like all of my nerve endings are on fire, mostly at night when I’m sleeping.  At the slightest noise, I startle awake.  It feels like every single one of my nerves explodes and my whole body shakes.  Have you ever had a dream where you are not quite totally asleep and you trip over something and you startle yourself awake?  It sorta feels like that.  Last night I felt like I wanted to explode with nervous/nerve-y energy.  I couldn’t sit still and felt like I just wanted to stretch my legs and ankles but couldn’t.  It was sort of like nervous anxiety….like I was on crack.  I took some Valerian to try to calm myself down and that seemed to take the edge off.  We went to bed and I took another Valerian and put some Lavendar oil behind my ears and on my chest.  I was able to fall asleep (thank God).

I told my boss this morning what is going on and asked if I could leave early to go to my doctor.  I tried to explain how important it is to not wait when things like this happen and that it could mean that I have new lesions on my brain or spine and that I might need to do corticosteroids to stop the inflammation.  He’s letting me leave early but he didn’t seem too pleased.  It’s funny that through all of this my biggest fear is that I may lose my job.  I have been doing my best to not let my boss see how my MS affects me so that he doesn’t worry about me being capable of doing my job.

Wish me luck today……I’m hoping to avoid doing an infusion.



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  1. Sally / Feb 2 2011 8:02 pm

    Ok, how is everything going now? I dunno where you live, but it’s 10 pm here now.

    Reading your post sounded to me like you were describing the flu with restless leg syndrome and neither one is good, the combo is bad. Our of everything I have wrong with me, the neck, the MS, the brain gas, I’d keep every bit of it IF I could get rid of the restless leg syndrome. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

    Update us asap please. You got people who care now that are reading this.

  2. multiplesclerosis1209 / Feb 2 2011 10:46 pm

    Thanks for caring Sally 🙂 and it looks like you are two hours ahead of me.
    What’s the brain gas? And is that what restless leg syndrome feels like? It was awful…..the buzz, the wanting to stretch, the weird restlessness like I couldn’t stop moving them……

  3. Sally / Feb 3 2011 9:59 am

    hmm, guess that big old long post I babbled last night did not post, whewwwww! Ever have those nights when you just can’t lay down, but neither are you awake, so you try to cruise the internet? Invariably something will need a response, and well, first thing in the morning when you are coherent you are immediately thinking, please please PLEASE don’t let me have hit post on that!!! LOL. It was one of those nights. I thought I just hit close not post, guess so.

    Brain gas is my way of saying I spend all day brain farting, having my senior moments that I can’t blame on age, or just plain old….huh? moments when nothing clicks up there. Like last night. Can be just a moment here and there too.

    As for the restless leg, yes, that is how it feels. I was diagnosed in 2002, but had it for a long long time before then, just so happened my husband asked the neuro on my first visit with him. I’d kept him awake all night kicking him. I started on Clonazepam (spelling?) and about four years ago swapped over to Mirapex. I’d kill the person who messed with the Mirapex. No way I can go without that.

    lot of info there….hold out as long as you can pre meds though. Good luck, I wouldn’t wish RLS on my worst enemy, not even my soon-to-be-ex Mother in Law, and that says a lot right there.


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