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March 25, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209

Every Blogger Needs a Break

I took a break from the blog, sorry faithful readers (all two of you). After my infusions and a trip to the family homestead, I haven’t had much to say.  Life has been fairly boring which should be considered a good thing in a life with MS.
Today I’m sad so I decided to write. I’m selling off my vehicle that was used in my old profession. The last reminder of a life getting paid to frolic everyday. A life that MS took away from me. I had to go and clean out all my belongings and I started to cry. I miss that life so much it hurts. I pulled out all the equipment I used to used everyday and put it in a bag. I know it does no good to look back and think about it all but I couldn’t help it. I’m crying right now as I write this. My new life path is unfolding everyday and I try to keep my chin up…..some days are easier than others.


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  1. Sally / Mar 26 2011 7:28 am

    😦 I know all to well what you mean. I was put out of work on June 3, 2005 and to this day I miss working. I used to quilt, machine embroider, sew, lots of crafts, beading, crochet, cake decorating, so many others, those for the most part have been taken away. The quilting was my passion, and although I have hundreds of quilts behind me, the ones I waited to make until I had the reason, I can no longer make. Those are the ones for my own grandkids.

    Yeah, I know how you feel. Don’t do what I did, don’t let depression eat you up till there’s nothing left. And it is the kind of thing that sneaks up on you.

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