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April 13, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209

Feeling Down

I’m 32 years old, I make $10 an hour and work 30 hours a week. I have no mental or physical capacity to work more yet I’m too able bodied and make too much money to qualify for assistance.
FML. Tonight I’m feeling pretty useless.
My husband always reminds me that he loves me no matter what so I got that goin’ for me. And tomorrow’s a new day. I think I’m going to ask for a raise.



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  1. Sally / Apr 14 2011 12:46 pm

    I learned a long long time ago, there are things in life far more important than money. I’ve read not all, but a lot of your blog, and I have to ask, have your and your doctor discussed social security disability? I don’t recall how many years of work you have to put in to get out, but check on that. It’s a horrendous application process, but if you can get it, you might want to consider doing so. It’s just a thought.

    I’ve been thinking long and hard about your last post too. I’ll get a response on that hopefully tonight, had to get past what I’ve been through to make it ‘readable’ if that makes sense.

    Chin up honey, your value does not come from how much you make an hour or what you do for a living, a lesson it took me six years after ‘retiring’ to learn. Your value comes from YOU. Look deep inside, you’ll find it. And listen to your husband, he sounds like a smart man!

    More later!!

  2. multiplesclerosis1209 / Apr 14 2011 5:19 pm

    I will NOT tell my husband that you said to listen to him! His head will get way too big 😉
    He is a smart man though and I love him more than I knew I could love anything or anyone.
    I’ve applied online for SSI but I make too much money. My rehab counselor gave me extra paperwork to fill out and he said to go in and talk to a real person and I just *might* get some help. After taxes are taken care of and all this house bullshit, I will work harder to get SSI……one day at a time…..ugh. The only reason that I want more money is so that maybe Hubby will not work so much and freaking relax a little. Even if we hit the Mega Millions, he would probably still work at least 40 hours a week.

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