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April 29, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209


I’ve always preferred comfortable shoes over fancy, pretty shoes or heels but since my MS Dx, I’ve had to become pretty picky about what I put on my feet.  My old favorites (Dansko clogs) have become too heavy and make my legs tire faster and they also have skinny heels so I stumble more.  I bought a good pair of trail running-type shoes last year and they have worked out well, I can still wear my trusty hiking boots (or what I like to call my Urban Assault Shoes), and I will always wear (no matter what) my high top and low top Chucks.

With  my new job came a new uniform: scrubs.  I have zero complaints about wearing scrubs to work every day.  It’s really the most comfortable outfit you could ask for for work attire.  I was wearing my clogs some days since I sit most of my day and some days I wear my trail runners but they are a hideous color and I like variety.  When I was in the hospital for my last infusion one of the nurses was wearing the cutest shoes and they looked super comfortable so I asked her about them.  When I got home I did some research and found them online.  I was hesitant to buy shoes without trying them on but they had a good return policy so I decided to go for it.

I got the clog style like I linked to above.  The first day I wore them I had a hard time keeping them on  my feet.  I kept kicking them off as I walked.  I figured out that slightly thicker socks solved this problem and that once they warmed up and the leather softened, they were much easier to wear.  I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now so they are nice and broken in and I have to say, they are my new favorite thing.  They make my feet and legs less tired, I feel grounded and flat footed (if that makes sense), and if I have to stand for any length of time, they make my knees, hips and back hurt less.  I actually wear them when I do dishes now and I can do dishes for a longer amount of time.  They weigh practically nothing and the soles are made wide and flat which makes walking take less effort and my legs don’t tire as quickly.

It’s amazing the things that we have to do to accommodate for our disease.  When I find something that makes my life with MS easier, I like to share it with everyone.  Today, I don’t have the luxury of wearing whatever shoes I want but I do have the luxury of saying no to heels once and for all and no one can argue with me.


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