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May 5, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209

I Love Being Clean, But I Hate Showers

To anyone who has ever experienced loss of strength and energy, you understand what it’s like to have to choose which activities you are going to do each day.  I personally hate taking showers.  It’s such an energy suck for me.  Luckily I don’t have a physical job so I don’t sweat or get dirty.  I average about 5 showers a week.  There are some days/nights that all I want to do is sit and relax and some mornings my legs are so stiff that the last thing I want to do is get up early just to stand in the shower.  I used to love to marinate in the shower and shave and exfoliate and have a nice little recharge but now it’s just a chore.  I would totally give up shaving my legs if I were single (at least through the winter).

I love how this is written.  She explains how those of us with a disabilities and limited energy and chronic pain have to budget our energy each and every day.  I can no longer be spontaneous like I used to be.  If Hubby gets a whim to go to the zoo or something, I have to say no.  Unless I budget for walking around, I can’t go places like the zoo or the mall or anywhere else where all you do is walk and/or stand.  If I didn’t budget in a shower, we can’t just drop everything and leave the house either.  Taking a shower and getting ready to leave takes me an hour and takes a lot out of me (and I don’t even blow dry my hair or put on makeup).  I think Hubby also forgets that things like sex take energy too.  Some days I don’t do dishes or laundry so that I can save enough energy to have sex but then all Hubby sees is that I didn’t do dishes.  And some of those nights I still don’t have the energy for sex (especially during the week).  On the weekends I try to save energy for sex, I really do but sometimes we end up doing things that I hadn’t planned for (like driving over a hour to have dinner at a buddy’s restaurant).

I’ve never been good at planning ahead so we have started actually writing everything on our calendar when they come up so we don’t forget.  If I know at the beginning of the week that we are going to spend the afternoon at a relative’s house come Saturday, I will take it easy Thursday and Friday so that I can enjoy the family visit and still have some energy for Hubby for Saturday night and Sunday.  We’ve also made a deal that I don’t overdo it at the volunteer events that I like to go to.  If I overdo it at an event on a Saturday, I’m totally useless on Sunday and that’s not fair to anyone (especially Hubby).

Maybe I will just swallow my pride and get a damn shower chair so I can start enjoying showers again and save some energy.  I just don’t like feeling like a cripple even though I feel like a cripple every day……some of you know what I mean…….



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  1. Tammy Padilla / May 5 2011 7:58 pm

    I also hate taking showers, they suck the energy right out of me. If I take one in the morning before work I am fatigued all day and if I take it at night before bed I feel like I missed part of my night because I have to go to bed almost immediately after the shower. I guess going to work and having a nighttime shower is too much for my body.
    I have tried colder showers but they really suck and I still feel kinda dirty.
    I only have a small amount of energy everyday and hate to use it up on a shower. I too have to budget my energy and try to plan ahead. MS is sneaky in that way, sucking my energy up before I get a chance to use it.
    My family understands somewhat, but not really everything we go through. My extended family just thinks Auntie should take a nap or whatever and just do it, wish everyone understood that I may want to go but cannot due to my MS.
    Funny thing is that my friends whom I am in a Lacemaking guild with understand my limits more than my family.
    Thanks for reading this, it was nice to get it off my mind.

  2. multiplesclerosis1209 / May 5 2011 10:28 pm

    I hope to help in anyway that I can here so vent if you need to vent! I get more support from my internet friends than I do from my family. They don’t understand and they make no effort to understand the disease and they certainly don’t listen when I tell them what I need (read my NOISE NOISE NOISE post). Ihate cancelling on people but this disease very rarely gives us any forewarning.
    Thank you for reading!!

  3. prisoneroftoday / May 16 2011 2:59 pm

    Know exactly what you mean. Using a shower chair is hard at first mentally, but it does help. I started using one because of leg spasms and vertigo that caused a fall in the shower. I kept trying to just deal with it and avoid the chair, but after the fall I decided it was more important to be safe and at home and having to do something a little differently (like showering) than potentially being unconscious and rushed to the ER from a fall. It does help conserve your energy a lot. Just make sure you spray some warm water on the chair before you sit down and put the plug into the tub so it fills up a bit as you shower (keeping your feet in the warm water when you you don’t have the water running over you will help stop you from feeling too cold)

  4. multiplesclerosis1209 / May 24 2011 12:08 pm

    Thank you for the comment on shower chairs. I never thought about getting cold while in the shower…. I haven’t come close to falling yet but I am getting Hubby used to the idea of a shower chair now so when I do need it, we will be ready. My neighbor is disabled and just got one of those tubs that you can walk in to with the bench. It would be so nice to have one of those but they are like $5000……maybe one day…..

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