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July 4, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209

I Hate Independence Day

We have had fireworks popping off in our neighborhood for over two weeks.  Giant booms at random times that freak the shit out of my dogs.  On top of that, there have been jets buzzing our house for the last week practicing for an airshow for the holiday.  This has been the perfect storm for my rescued dog to have a total meltdown.  This particular dog came to me with severe anxiety and I have had it mostly under control.  Well, this perfect storm caused the poor dog to think he needed to rip down our mini blinds and try to eat his way out our front door.

Each year for this holiday, I make a four and a half hour drive to my family’s farm out in the middle of nowhere to avoid the fireworks.  I made the drive down on Friday and stayed until Sunday evening but the holiday falls on a Monday and I have to work tomorrow so I couldn’t stay through the worst of it all.  I’ve been sitting here watching my dog shake and pant and drool and pace all over the house for the last two hours. If I move, he is like velcro to me and I’ve nearly fallen at least 10 times in two hours.  I’m getting so frustrated and stressed that it’s causing symptoms.  On top of all of this, my heart is breaking for my poor dog who is living inside his own personal hell right now.  For those of you that have had anxiety, imagine your worst attack and what triggered it.  Now imagine that trigger happening repeatedly for hours and hours with a random break here and there and absolutely no warning when the trigger will happen again.  I actually started crying for my dogs……this is the worst ever.  There is nothing I can do other than having them (yes I have more than one dog, each with different levels of freaking out) doped up on doggie downers and music blasting all over the house hoping to cover SOME of the noise (and you all know how I do with noise).  Why do Americans feel the need to be so obnoxious and loud and blow shit up?  And don’t we supposedly have a bad economy and high unemployment?  People choose what they want to spend their money on and apparently my low income neighborhood has chosen to spend thousands of dollars on fireworks.

I’m all for celebrating this holiday on ONE NIGHT of the year.  At least that way, I can prepare for it.  Tonight is the big night but I can bet you that this will not be the last we hear of fireworks but at least the damn jets will be leaving town.


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