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September 15, 2011 / multiplesclerosis1209

Short Term Memory

Or lack there of, really.  Lately I can’t keep a thought in my brain for more than about 12 seconds. I brought the laptop to bed because I had a really great idea for something to write about and now I have no idea what that idea was.  This is the story of my week.  It’s been worse this week than normal.  Normally at work I have a thought, write it on a sticky note then stick it to my desk to find at a later date to get ‘re-inspired’. At home, I have no sticky notes and I always forget to keep my little notebook handy to write things down.  I’m going to need to remember to bring my notebook with me to my new job since I don’t imagine they have plethora of sticky notes being that it’s a pet store.

So I just spent the last 20+ minutes surfing the net trying to remember what I wanted to write about and it just hit me:  My toe! Let’s start over….

“The Pros and Cons of Decreased Sensitivity”

I have decreased sensitivity from about my waist down.  There are many drawbacks to this and one major pro: tattoos.  I don’t feel them (which is actually what helped lead to my conclusion that I had MS….a hip tattoo that I barely felt).  I actually slept through most of my five hour leg piece (chosen to be put on my leg due to the decreased sensitivity).  Cons: where do I even begin?  Let’s start with my big toe.  Tonight I thought I had dirt under  my toenail so I took a file to try to dig it out.  I tried to not dig too deep but it appeared that I just couldn’t reach that pesky bit of fuzz or dirt wedged under my nail.  I tried a few more times and then it hit me.  That’s not dirt, that’s blood.  I dug so deep that I stabbed myself and didn’t even feel it.  Awesome.  Now it’s starting to sting a little so I try to jam some colloidal silver under there and pulled the nail up a little too far (because I couldn’t feel it).  Ugh, seriously?  I know better but today I have just been a little extra sleepy and foggy (self-inflicted I’m sure from a sugar overload before bed last night….again, I know better).  Tomorrow I get to sleep in and Saturday I get to go to my new job for a little training.  No more sugar or junk food binges.  I need to be at the top of my game for my first day at work.



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  1. daria / Sep 16 2011 9:27 am

    dx 2010-ish thanks for sending these bits of all to true (new reality) thanks for the sistahood in this world!

  2. Nicole / Sep 22 2011 9:17 pm

    I read your post but I already forgot what you wrote:)

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