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August 27, 2013 / multiplesclerosis1209

MS and a Pregnant Coworker

I don’t really even know where to start here…I suppose I should start with my pregnant coworker.

I work in a retail environment where the staff is required to lift and carry up to 45lbs multiple times a day. I have MS.  I can manage perfectly well everyday (except during the summer heat…but that’s another story).  My coworker found out that she is pregnant, eight weeks along, and has decided that she can’t lift anything.  She is sick everyday, takes a thousands breaks to sit down because she is exhausted and will disappear into the bathroom for 10 minutes at a time.   I very, very, rarely pull the ‘MS Card’ at work but I just want to scream at her, I HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED FOR SEVEN+ YEARS!!!  BUCK UP!”.  My coworkers know that I cannot go up a ladder and they know that I cannot lift 45lbs much higher than waist-height.  These are super easy things to work around.  Coworkers take care of the reader board marquee outside and we don’t stack anything over 30bs on shelves that are too high for me to restock. Easy peasy.  We cannot work around her limitations if she is going to insist on having so many and I simply will not be bale to pick up her slack.

Now, I’ve never been pregnant but I’m fairly certain that at eight weeks pregnant you are still allowed to lift the things you were lifting before you got knocked up, right?  This is going to be the LONGEST eight months of my life.

I woke up at 1am this morning and began puking.  I puked my guts out for three hours.  I almost pissed myself while I was puking, my legs turned to jello and I almost fell over several times while leaning over the toilet.  I have no idea if it was food poisoning or the bug that is going around, but needless to say, I called in sick today.  I texted my pregnant coworker and asked if she could open the store for me and explained what was going on.  Then I sent this:


She said no problem and took my shift.  At 10:15ish she texts and asks if I am coming in today followed by:


This is the 2nd time I have called in sick the entire two years I have had this job and I am the most crippled person at work.  I have explained to these people what happens when I get sick.  It’s not just throwing up.  My entire body reacts to me being sick.  There is NO WAY I could do any lifting today.

Today just reinforces that I have no friends here.  No one truly cares about me other than my husband.  This is not a “waaaahhhh, poor me” statement, it’s simply the truth.  Hubby and I are talking about moving home and out of this town at the first of the year but I don’t know if I am going to make it that long.  I’m still holding out hope that my pregnant coworker will decide to move across the country to be with her family so I can keep my job for awhile longer.


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