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October 4, 2013 / multiplesclerosis1209

I Wish I Could Quit My Job

But I can’t. Yet.

There is an outdoor event that my work is participating in & I asked yesterday if my boss is supplying chairs or if I should bring my own. She replied that she will bring one chair and my coworker (who is pregnant) and I can share/take turns. She wants us standing & creating energy throughout the day. If you’ve read my other posts about my pregnant coworker, she is the whiney princess type, not the sharing type, so guess who will be on her feet all day. Yup. The girl with MS because pregnancy trumps EVERYTHING if ask the pregnant chick.

Tonight, I sent this text to my boss who is setting up the event in the morning (I’m the grey, she’s the blue):

Jen text depends


I actually teared up. I didn’t respond. She waited a few minutes & wrote, “Hellllllooooooo? I was kidding!” My response: “That one stung a little bit”

My boss is not always bad, in fact, most days I absolutely love my job. It just goes to show that no one really gets this monster of a disease other than those of us living with it.  My coworkers are fairly understanding of my (very few) limitations but my boss is not at work with us every day. I have told her I have bladder issues and jello-leg issues but she obviously doesn’t get it.  I just want to work for myself again. I was my most favorite boss of all time. *sigh*


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