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February 12, 2014 / multiplesclerosis1209

Seven Weeks In


I am seven weeks along and have very little to report, which is a good thing.  My neurologist gave the ok to see a midwife and we have our second appointment in a few weeks.  Apparently we might be able to hear the heartbeat!  That might put this all into perspective.  I’m excited about being pregnant but it still doesn’t feel totally real. My boobs hurt and I feel bloated but that’s about it for physical symptoms.  I’m off all my MS meds so I’m dealing with jello legs and urgency with the bladder but nothing major. I guess I should be grateful.  Maybe it will feel more real when I start talking to people about it all. So far only a few friends know.  We head to our parents’ houses next weekend to tell them all which should be a lot of fun. I made the cutest little announcements.
I’m hoping to blog my way through this pregnancy but not sure how consistent I’ll be. I would like to have a pregnancy journal and this seems like an easy way to do that. Not all of it will be as boring as this one. Promise.


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