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March 7, 2014 / multiplesclerosis1209

Good News!

I saw my neurologist today and guess what??  I CAN TAKE MY OXYBUTYNIN!!!!!  She had her MS Specialty Pharmacist come and talk to me about the meds I was on and let me know what is safe and what is not safe.  Apparently Oxybutynin is as safe as Tylenol!!  The only major MS-related complaint I have had so far during this pregnancy has been bladder control.  I have wet myself twice already in 10 weeks.  When the pharmacist told me I could take my bladder meds as needed I almost started crying (and I didn’t even cry on Wednesday when I heard my baby’s heartbeat…).  This means I might sleep through the night tonight and I will have less fear and anxiety when out running errands!   This is such good news for me…I was starting to hate being pregnant because of my bladder issues which I understand only get worse as the baby gets bigger.  At least now I will be able to hold it when I have to pee so I have more than 35 seconds to find a washroom.



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  1. Miss Lou / Mar 7 2014 8:49 pm

    Congratulations on the wonderful news.

    I honestly do not know a great deal about MS, though certainly relate to that crazy urge to pee all the time and quickly when pregnant!


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