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March 22, 2014 / multiplesclerosis1209

Trying to Be Grateful


I just received an email from a girl who is a friend of a friend that was an order of clothing that she placed for me.  Maternity clothing.  First of all, everything was way too big.  Luckily she was able to cancel and reorder the correct sizes.  Second of all, it’s nothing that I need.  One of the items of clothing is hideous and nothing I would ever wear.  I told her thank you and then said that I will just return the items if they don’t fit.  She then informed me that this particular website does not take returns and just donate the clothes if they don’t fit.
I know I’m hormonal and everything, but this made me angry and I started crying.  As much as I appreciate the gesture, it’s basically wasted money that could have been used towards things that I actually need like shirts that cover my growing belly.   Maybe I’m a bitch, but why are people supposed to accept garbage just because someone else thinks that you need it?  I had an argument about this when Hubby’s parents bought us some stupid chair because they thought it would be comfortable for me to sit on in the yard.  ONE CHAIR!!  Not two, but one.  In my mind, chairs come in pairs.  Is that weird?  And they know NOTHING about what makes me comfortable (not being mean, it’s just the truth).  The chair is tough for me to get out of due to my MS but I’m just supposed to smile and keep it in the garage so I don’t offend anyone?  Why are people so damn sensitive??  I bit the bullet and emailed this girl about the clothes and told her that I don’t mean to be rude but one of the items I already have and one of them I’ll never wear hoping maybe she could cancel the order.  Instead, she said, “Oh well.  Someone at the thrift shop will score then!”

I am unemployed and really need stuff that I cant afford so maybe I should just be grateful and wear the hideous clothing that she ordered.  Hell, maybe by the time it gets here I will like it, but I doubt it.  It just seems like wasted money to me.  Money that could have been spent on things that could really benefit me right now.



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