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March 28, 2014 / multiplesclerosis1209

Bit the Bullet

So I went in to apply for public assistance, and I was approved.  It was a huge “pride pill” to swallow for me but I need to think about the baby growing inside of me.

Where I live has a nutrition program for women who are pregnant.  Each month I will now get vouchers for a very specific list of food.  The list is pretty impressive, actually:  milk, eggs, cheese, whole grains, bread, beans, juice.  It even gives me a voucher for fresh fruits and veggies and I can get organic if I want to.  I was also approved for medical coverage while I am pregnant which includes dental and vision.  Guess who is getting her teeth fixed on Monday and new glasses in a couple weeks!  So there is a silver lining to being broke!  Hopefully I won’t need help for very long because I did have a job interview today and I have another one next week.  If I get a part-time job I may even be able to keep the public assistance throughout my pregnancy.  The relief I feel today is huge.   My baby and I are not going to starve.   Dramatic, I know, but apparently this whole Mom-caretaker thing kicks in early.


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